Deathproof 6 Week Fitness Kickstart Program

Learn why the Deathproof 6 Week Fitness Kickstart Program is the most advanced and comprehensive health and fitness programs available for the beginner athlete.



Weigh In/Baseline Measurements

Before the challenge officially begins you will weigh in and get your baseline body composition analysis to accurately determine your starting point and point you in the right direction.

1-on-1 Personal Training

To get you started in the fastest possible way, we'll give you 3 sessions with an instructor to teach you the fundamental movement patterns.  We'll cover everything from how to stand and squat correctly, through overhead presses, to deadlifts.  We'll get you familiar with the terminology and equipment so you can safely hit the ground running during your first classes.

Instructor-Led Classes

Next, you'll have unlimited access to 6 weeks of all of our instructor-led classes including CrossFit, SHRED!, STRIKE!, PULL! and CRANK! which will build muscle, speed, stamina, and strength all while sculpting your physique.

Nutrition Guidance

You'll also receive a macro meal plan via our mobile app which will prescribe your nutrition and help you learn about the way you should be habitually eating. After week 2 we'll show you how to eat in a manner that can be sustained for a lifetime.

Do The Work!

Each day you'll work out to stimulate change in your physiology. Each meal you will submit a photo of and get feedback from our nutrition coaches. Each week you'll get another body comp to track your progress and check in with your coach to determine how to further optimize your experience. Each time you come in you have the opportunity for face time with your coach to advise you on all things health and fitness related.

Let's Get Started

Congratulations and great job on taking action to finally get the body you want! Filling out all the details below will give us a better idea of who you are, what your needs are and if you’re a good fit for this amazing opportunity. Please do your best to answer them openly and honestly as they are full of extremely helpful information to us. Once you have completed your application, you will be directed to schedule an interview with one of our coaches. We look forward to meeting you!

*Spots are limited, only serious applicants please*