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The New You Challenge at Deathproof CrossFit starts on Monday July 22nd

6 Weeks of exercise & nutrition tuition that will change your life - $300 for the full 6 week program

We're not just another gym.  Here's why.

CrossFit is an exercise methodology which will get you into the best shape of your life and introduce you to a whole community of people who highly value health and fitness.  Do you want to know more about CrossFit?  

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Do you have more questions?  Call Jase Robinson any time on (812) 343 - 9237
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Our 8000 square foot facility at 3345 Commerce Drive in Columbus, Indiana can support several concurrent workout groups in 2 separate rooms.

Call or email or message us to arrange a free workout or to chat about how Deathproof CrossFit can change your life.

Email us or call (812) 343 - 9237 or hit us up on Facebook.

$99/month Special Programs

May / June 2019 ​Choose any program for just $99 per month

Weekday Early Mornings

5 workouts / week, every weekday morning at 05:30, 06:30 or 08:00 am or weekend classes.

Ladies only Shred
H.I.I.T. class

08:30am Shred up to 5 times per week.

Monday thru Thursday at 6:30pm plus weekends

4 workouts per week in any of our 6:30pm Shred or CrossFit classes plus weekend classes for those who just can't face the early mornings.

The time is now. Take some action.

Cops, Firefighters and Active Military

Per Month
Helping our heroes help our communities. 4 Workouts per week at any time on the schedule.

Weekdays at 4:30pm or 5:30pm plus weekends

Per Month
4 workouts per week in either 4:30pm classes or 5:30pm classes or weekend classes. Your choice!

12 monthly Body Composition Analyses

Per Year
Keep track of exactly what you're made of. Body fat mass and, BMI, lean muscle mass, water content, visceral fat. Don't worry about your weight. Worry about how you're built.

Many other pricing options based on your usage

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