InBody 570

Body Composition Analysis & Counseling

Know What You're Made Of

Getting on the scale sucks!

When does a weighing scale ever give you good news?  Hardly ever.

The problem is that your body is constantly changing and some of those changes are temporary but result in weight gain.  What we really need is a way to see relative changes not only in total weight but also in fat loss, muscle gain, hydration.  Even then, it's just a snapshot.  What if we could see the trend in these changes over time?  How would we set goals differently if we could determine such details?  We have the answer for you.

At Deathproof CrossFit we understand how to manipulate body composition as well as any gym in the US.  In fact, our teams have won the Lurong Living Team Challenges (a national weight loss / exercise competition) twice.  Currently, we have 3 of the 6 National champions at our gym (Female Open, Mens Masters & Mens Masters Plus).

Body composition analysis is an integral part of our program and it allows us to set goals, prescribe programming and nutrition and measure results accordingly.

Results Driven Exercise Programs

An effective exercise program should deliver improvements in:

  • Weight loss or gain depending on your goals
  • Muscle mass
  • Hydration and inflammation
  • Visceral fat

We design our exercise challenges around these improvements.  Each challenge targets specific changes.  Our BarBender challenge promotes muscle mass increase.  The Deathproof Living Challenge attacks all facets of improvement and is more intensive.  Our weight loss challenges attack body fat and change nutrition habits.  Each challenge is different in order to elicit specific improvements.

The comprehensive report generated by the clinical quality analyzer allow us to understand exactly what is ahppening to your body so that adjustments can be made.

Making a difference that you can measure

Each of our challenges should be attempted with a before / after analysis allowing you to understand the effect of the program.  However, you don't have to work out at Deathproof CrossFit.  Maybe you already have a gym you're happy with.  No problem!

You can come for a body composition analysis any time you want.  A single analysis with counseling / interpretation is only $40.  If you want to check in regularly then we offer 12 sessions (one per month ideally) for only $149.  That way you will be able to understand:

  • Is my exercise program effective?
  • Am I making the changes I desire?
  • How do I set goals and what timeframe should expect the changes to be made in?
  • Do I need to change things up?

Stop guessing.  Take action now.

Let our Head Coach talk you through the process of making habitual change which will last a lifetime.

The time is now. Take some action.