Heart Rate-Based Indoor Cycling

Are you ready?

Deathproof Cycling


Taking indoor cycling to the next level

This is not a spinning class.  This is not "cardio".

This is CRANK.  The indoor cycling class designed to do only one thing.  To make you a faster cyclist.

  • The only studio in Southern Indiana to have Keiser M3i indoor bikes.  The best in the business.
  • Custom heart rate-based training - your heart zones, precisely targetted. 
  • Unmatched aerobic development - the fastest way to increase VO2 max
  • Cycling-specific anaerobic development - strength where you need it.
  • Unmatched time efficiency - get bigger results from less time in the saddle.
  • Performance reports automatically emailed after each class.

Optimized to effect changes to your physiology

Regular test protocols run as an integral part of the class keep your personal targets front and center as you push beyond the previous limits of your fitness in an ongoing series of performance improvements.

Never worry again about the question "Am I getting better?"

  • Demonstrable results right from the outset.
  • Your resting heart rate, your max.  No estimates from age-based formulae.
  • See your power, cadence, heart rate and time in zone all on the big screen.
  • Instant color feedback to give you immediate feedback on your intensity.

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