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CRANK! is the most precisely controlled indoor cycling class available

Nothing improves heart and lung function while promoting body fat loss quite like indoor cycling.

Stationary bikes allow you to do things on a bike that would be clearly unsafe in an uncontrolled, outside environment.  Cars, pedestrians and windy, uneven road surfaces can't introduce sudden, unwelcome excitement when you're in the optimized environment of a cycling studio.  During a CRANK! class, you can safely throw down as much effort as required while blasting motivating music as your ride leader issues commands on the content of each interval.

Each instructor-led class takes you through a ride profile design to elicit a specific physiological response from the athlete.

Each bike is custom calibrated to ensure the rider is performing at exactly the right level to increase speed, stamina, endurance, or recovery.  You ride at the levels appropriate for YOU.  Regular performance tests included in the class determine any tweaks or adjustments to your profile to ensure you're always making the maximum gains.

Your performance is indicated on the big screen in a virtual reality setting which tells you power, calories burned, heart rate, and cadence.  Your instructor will keep you motivated to perform at the appropriate level to hit your goals as soon as possible and take you beyond what you thought was possible.

Your Instructors are forged on the anvil of Ironman triathlon.

Ironman World Championship qualifying instructors show you how to burn off body fat, increase oxygen usage and create stamina to enable you to ride all day long.  We even have a USA Triathlon coach and bike fitter (F.I.S.T. and S.I.C.I. Advanced) on staff.

Our ride leaders have over one hundred thousand miles of road riding experience.  They can advise bike fit and positioning, equipment, adjustments and racing tips for road riding, MTB and BMX.  


The magic is in the method

By measuring your heart rate, power output, and pedal speed we can adjust your workout to maximize your experience.

Your performance is constantly broadcast to our Spivi Virtual Reality system on the big screens around the room.  The system adjusts for your fitness level to allow you to compete on level terms during in-class challenges.  Your fitness parameters are monitored and adjusted so that as you get fitter, the system accommodates your new values to keep you challenged.  It's just like riding in a group ride on the road with a coach constantly at your side.


The most advanced indoor bikes available

The Keiser M3i magnetic resistance bikes are the smoothest running bikes in existence.

Magnetic resistance with a rear-mounted flywheel means your resistance never changes no matter how much sweat falls onto it.

The M3i is compatible with just about every training app out there so even if there isn't a class running with an instructor you can use an app for a virtual trainer to take you through a targetted, high-quality workout at virtually any time.

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The most technologically advanced indoor cycling in Columbus, IN.