WelcomE to Our Gym

Our 8000 square foot box has some of the best facilities found in any CrossFit gym:

96 feet of rogue Monster lite rigs with Speal bars, varying height pull up positions, power cages, matador bars, rogue echo bikes, concept ii row and ski ergs and benches.  Ring thing to develop muscle-ups, GHDs, squatting boxes and specialty Bars.
Literally tons of barbells, bumper plates, sand bags, medicine balls and kettlebells.
Rubber Flooring for the entire workout area.

A 3000 square foot functional fitness studio with keiser m3i power bikes and a virtual reality cycling environment, heart zones heart rate monitoring system, martial arts & boxing equipment.
Percussion Massagers, washer & dryer, 4 separate shower & rest rooms

Classroom facilities for seminars & lectures.
High Definition videography.

Athlete hang-out area.

InBody 570 bioimpedance body composition analyzer.

Electronic unicycles!

Whiskey Bar.  Yes, that's right!  A whiskey bar!  But, not for you.  That's just for the head coach.

coming soon...a Finnish sauna, weightlifting platforms, another 24 feet of monster lite rig and all manner of other goodies.

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