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Specialties: Exercise for neuro-degenerative disorders, endurance racing, HIIT training
Audra McNear (or Dree as she's known around the gym) got her CrossFit L1 certificate at the birthplace of the CrossFit games, The Ranch, and her Level 2 cert at the Rogue Gym in Columbus, Ohio.  A sucker for big sporting events Dree has completed the New York City Marathon, The Philly Marathon, Ironman Louisville and plans on completing all The Majors in the not-so-distant future.
Dree is the driving force behind Deathproof CrossFit's charity work and is a huge advocate for Huntington's Disease Society of America, Movember and the local Shop with a Cop & Fireman's Cheer Fund charities.  She is probably best known for scaring the bejeezus out of the Columbus Police and Fire departments when they completed their first scaled version of Helen since she beat them all completing the workout as Rx. Although infamous as Jase's handler, partner and long-suffering girlfriend she is generally fun-loving and giggly but can also be as stern as the ass of the Titanic.  Not to be messed with.  Mostly.

Dree is the Head Coach of Rock Steady Boxing South Central Indiana.  No stranger to the effects of neurodegenerative disease, she has an unbridled passion for helping Parkinson's sufferers and their caregivers by showing them the virtues of hitting moving objects with their fists at high intensity.  It sounds and looks crazy but if there's a more satisfying career than improving the quality of life for this incredible population of fighters then we have yet to imagine it.