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Learn how to upgrade your bio-weaponry with explosive rotational power, increased speed, accuracy, agility, coordination, balance, and flexibility while burning more fat than you could shake a stick at.
See how simple physics dictates the technique and kinetic chain of hand and foot strikes to provide maximum power transmission.
This class will supply confidence and discipline by the bucket load and give insight into what it takes to defend yourself in real-world situations.
No octagons.  No sparring.  Just fun and fitness with as much practical application as any other CrossFit workout.

HIIT all your fitness goals!
STRIKE! is the martial arts-themed fitness class at deathproof crossfit.

Taking elements from karate, mut thai, jiu jitsu and boxing, STRIKE! is the perfect compliment to CrossFit.  STRIKE! meets the definition of CrossFit in that it is constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement.  Whereas our CrossFit classes concentrate on increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains, STRIKE! is particularly effective at developing speed, coordination, accuracy, balance, agility, and flexibility.

STRIKE! is perfect for:

  • Weight loss.  45 minutes of work burns calories like a furnace.
  • "Percussive therapy".  Nothing reduces stress like beating on a heavy bag.
  • Self-pacing.  Heart rate-based training means that you always know when you're pushing yourself enough according to your goals.  
  • Safety.  Hitting targets dissipates the energy of your kicks and punches so that joint pain and soft tissue damage is all but eliminated resulting in almost no post-workout soreness.

Come in and hit something heavy

Deal sedentary life a knockout blow