Virusproof Home Fitness Program

Multiple Home Workouts Each Day

Constant variation

Mobility Programming

Home programming delivered on your Deathproof app

6 weeks of workouts delivered to your Deathproof App.  Each element of the workout has a full description and video demonstrations so you can perform the movements with perfect form.


Mobility Improvement Programming

Some of the positioning we use is challenging but all humans, in the absence of actual pathology are capable of these ranges of motion.  Our mobility section has evaluations and mobility exercises that will improve your positioning and therefore your performance.  Want better push press results?  Work on your rack and overhead positions.  We'll show you how.  Written instructions and video demos are available to guide you through each body part.



More options with included Beyond The Whiteboard programming

Access to the Beyond The Whiteboard app system is included with the Virusproof Fitness Program.  3 additional workouts per day for home gym, dumbbell only and bodyweight WODs are programmed.  Full use of the tracking and analytics features of the system can be accessed so you can log your progress and set, and then smash your goals.




The Virusproof Home Fitness System

This unique home workout system is available only from Deathproof CrossFit for $99

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Combine and save

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