beginning your CrossFit journey

There are many ways to start your CrossFit journey and you might reasonably ask why that is.

Everyone who walks into our gym for the first time is pretty much unique.  New athletes (yes, you're about to become an athlete) differ by age, sex, experience, condition, current injuries, medical history, genetics, culture, race, active stressors, lifestyle, habits, and goals to name but a few things.  Each new athlete has a unique character and personality.

Despite that fundamental truth, each new athlete shares some common values.  Chief among these is that they value health, fitness, and functional longevity.  We all want to feel good, look good, and be able to live long fulfilled lives.  That's where we aim to provide some commonality.  We want you all to achieve a similar outcome in terms of health, fitness, and satisfaction.  So, how can that be achieved with a "one size fits all" training program?

The simple answer is that you can't.  One size fits almost no one.  It would be convenient if that were true but sadly, it isn't.  The answer, therefore, is to differentiate everyone's path to help them navigate from a myriad of starting points to converge on a single destination of superior fitness and health.  In essence, "All roads lead to Rome".

With this in mind, we have several ways to introduce you to CrossFit.  Each approach accommodates some of the differing requirements of our new inductees.  We have 4 ways to start your journey.

All of these approaches yield great results for many people but what about those who have a big plate with lots on it in terms of how hectic their life is, but still recognize that things would be easier if they could start a little slower, be a little more deliberate and retain more flexibility for busy schedules to remove any excess stress.  That brings us to...

1) The Deathproof Beginners Program

CrossFit gyms often run "Fundamentals" or "On-Ramp" programs.  These are short courses to introduce the beginner to the CrossFit environment.  The problem is that they run in cohorts with fixed schedules, so if you miss the start of the course, you have to wait for the next one to start.  This wastes time and leaks enthusiasm.  At Deathproof CrossFit, our program is constantly rotating so you can join any time and stay as a beginner for as long as you feel comfortable.  There's no pressure to join the main CrossFit classes.  Once you feel like you're ready then you can make the leap but that timeline is your decision (of course, guided by your coach).


Beginners' classes are held weekdays at 6:30 pm.  Only beginners are present during this time so there are no muscle-bound hulks around to make you feel uncomfortable.  In truth, the "muscle-bound hulk" doesn't exist at Deathproof.  You'll find that all of our advanced athletes are empathetic and understanding of your situation because they started out like this too.  They offer lots of support without being intimidating.  

The Beginners' Program receives preferential pricing so that your initial investment isn't large.  Throwing down a bunch of money only to find the program doesn't suit would be a downer.  We keep the price low so you can play small and lose small if you decide it isn't for you.  We don't require contracts so you can cancel at any time without penalty.  To remove all risk, you can sign up for a free trial of 3 classes in a 7 day period to make sure everything is as you wish it to be.


Sign up for Your Free 3 Class Trial

2) Join and complete one of our challenges.  We regularly schedule month-long, 6-week or 8-week challenges with emphasis on creating new, healthy habits to replace your current ones.  This approach yields excellent results for those who have some capacity to take on new stresses.  Changing habits is hard.  Trying to change everything at once is always challenging.  Those who complete the challenges do so with exceptional results.  That said, some folks fall off the wagon as a result of "too much, too soon".  You should have some space in your life for extra work and be motivated, dedicated, and committed to change.  Details of any upcoming challenges can be found on our homepage.

Check the Homepage

3)  Just roll on in and start CrossFit classes.  Most of our current athletes just stopped by the gym to check things out and have a chat about what they were looking for and then returned to try a class.  During the class, the instructor spent a little extra time explaining the movements, the purpose, and the vernacular.  Within a couple of weeks, they were fluent.  This approach works well for people who are currently active or working out regularly and have some familiarity with the use of a public gym.

Check out our schedule and just show up for a class.

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Finally, there's our bespoke solution:

4) The Kickstart Program - Check out our video below.

Deathproof Kickstart

The 6 week fully inclusive beginners program to launch your fitness & weigh-loss journey