The Deathproof Nutrition System is an integrated data-based approach to nutrition based on 4 principles:


  1. Practical meals
  2. Customized to the individual
  3. Constant feedback
  4. Habit-forming

Lose body fat

gain muscle

stay healthy


There are 3 components to all Deathproof meals:

  1. Meals be delicious or you won't eat them
  2. Meals must be quick and easy to prep or you won't make them
  3. Meals must be economical or you can't afford them


Customized to the individual.

We use an InBody 570 clinical-grade body composition analyzer to determine your dietary requirements in order to design your program.  Whether you're looking for weight loss or muscle gain, or if you have special dietary considerations (vegetarian or vegan, pescetarian, etc.) we can design a program to hit your goals with those considerations.

Constant feedback

The only way to stay on track is with a constant guidance system.  We do this in 2 ways:

  1. Weekly body composition analysis (by appointment only).  You need to know that the system is having the effect you require.  Nothing is more motivating than seeing that you're on track and inspiring you to continue with your good habits.
  2. Meal-by-meal critique.  Photograph your food and submit it to your coach.  They provide guidance on any adjustments that you need to make so that you can constantly tune your approach for the best results.

Habit Forming

The way to high-quality nutrition is to create a new habit of planning, prepping and eating so that you are never caught in a position forcing you to ask "what am I going to eat"?  The question should always have a ready answer.  We will guide you to create a personalized process with the following phases:

  • Planning
  • Acquisition
  • Preparation
  • Storeage

Once you become practiced in this process it will form a habit that removes the effort and stress and creates proficiency and efficiency thus making it easy to live with.  It just becomes a thing that you do ever day, like brushing your teeth.

$199 per month. Guaranteed results

If you demonstrate compliance with the program by photo-auditing your meals and attending your body composition appointments and don't move towards your goals then you get the next month free. Hitting your goal weight is inevitable using this method and so we stand behind our system. You won't find this kind of guarantee anywhere else in the fitness industry. Sign up today and make yourself Deathproof.

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