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Starting CrossFit - Beginners' Classes

I'm excited to try CrossFit.  How do I get started?

There are a few ways to start CrossFit training.  The best way for you is entirely individual.  Let's show you the options.

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CrossFit is an exercise methodology which will get you into the best shape of your life and introduce you to a whole community of people who highly value health and fitness.  Do you want to know more about CrossFit?  

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Do you have more questions?  Call Head Coach, Jase Robinson any time on (812) 343 - 9237
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Deathproof Nutrition

Lose weight, feel great

Improve your body composition

UNIQUE nutrition system

Body Composition Analysis

What are you made of? Don't allow the weighing scale to ruin your day. Keep track of your fat loss, muscle gain, hydration and visceral fat levels by making an appointment for a body composition analysis and results counseling session.

Our luxurious 9000-square-foot facility at 1460 Jackson Street in downtown Columbus, Indiana can support several concurrent workouts in multiple rooms.  It is the best-equipped CrossFit gym in Indiana with 18 individual workout stations, socially distanced at 10 feet apart with no need to share gear and minimal COVID-19 transmission risk compared to other gyms.  Class sizes are capped at 14 for optimal coaching engagement.

Call or email or message us to arrange a free workout or to chat about how Deathproof CrossFit can change your life.

Email us or call (812) 343 - 9237 or hit us up on Facebook.

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